Innovation Award Nomination

Blade Pile Group (BPG) throughout its years has completed all sorts of projects from small homes to large government projects. One project however stood out as the single largest, most involving contract the company had to date, the Moree Solar Farm.

The farm itself has a 70 MW capacity and generates enough electricity to power 24,000 homes. BPG supplied 32,500 brand new ‘Solar Blade Piles’ to act as a direct support to the tracker system structures of the farm.

The Solar Blade Pile was recognised as a pioneering innovation to Solar Farm foundations and as a result, the Blade Pile Group was nominated for the Clean Energy Council’s innovation award.

Since the Moree Solar Farm, BPG and international procurement specialist, BCI Engineering have partnered to form Solar Pile International, a global, specialist provider of Solar Farm foundations.

Written by Blade Pile Group

Published 29/5/2019

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